Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Night Sugar High #5

Halloween is right around the corner...HONESTLY! I feel like I'm already behind...I don't have the kids' costumes picked out, I haven't done any detail work on our Merry NOT Scary Costume Party, THE CLOCK IS TICKING!

I was looking back through some of my treats from LAST Halloween for inspiration...always a good place to start right?

So here's a little ROUND-UP of some Halloween goodies courtesy of yours truly ;)

Witch Hat Cupcake Skewers! I entered and WON the Cupcake Skewer Contest hosted by Pizzazzerie last Fall!

Caramel Apple Cupcake Skewers! This was my 2nd entry in the Cupcake Skewer Contest...let me tell you, these things are SO tasty!!!

Ogre Toes! These are made using Circus Peanuts ;)
Here's a TUTORIAL if you're so inclined!

Witch Finger Cookies! I've been making these for YEARS and they're always a BIG hit!
We like to serve them with some whipped topping sprinkled with cinnamon for dipping ;)

Frankenstein Pops! Dipped & decorated Marshmallows, super cute and FUN!

Frankenstien S'mores!

Ogre Eyes! Decorated Cake Balls ;)

Black Magic Cupcakes! These were a FAVORITE of the Cupcake of the Month Club Members last year.
Devil's Food Cupcake topped with Blackberry Buttercream Frosting...YUMMY!

Monster Cake Pops! From our Merry Not Scary Costume Party.
Photo by KV Photography.
Pumpkin Roll! This is a picture of my 1st attempt making any kind of cake roll!
I was immediately hooked and made several different flavor combinations last Fall...
but Pumpkin was always my FAVE!


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  1. The witch hat cupcake skewers are so cute! And the Pumpkin Roll TOTALLY get me in the mood for fall!! YUMMY!!