Friday, April 22, 2011

Mother's Day Specials!

I know, I're probably thinking..."What!?! Mother's Day?!? We haven't even celebrated Easter yet!"

Well, Mother's Day is literally right around the corner...and since I personally like to get my shopping done early I thought that some of you might too ;)

Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats
Mother’s Day SPECIALS!
My Mother’s Day Specials are simple…but SO super sweet!
If you ARE a Mother and are hoping to receive some
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As always, my baking roster fills-up fast…
get your order in TODAY to reserve your fair share of yummy treats!

Standard Cake Ball Sampler
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Cupcake of the Month Club Membership
Here’s the BIG one…
Sign your Mom up for the Cupcake of the Month Club
NOW through Saturday May 7th
to receive $5 OFF the normal membership price!
Enrollment is ending soon so this is the perfect chance to get in-on the coolest club in town ;)
Click HERE for full details on the CCMC!
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Feel free SHARE this along to anyone you know who may be interested!
I appreciate your support SO much!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sweet Cheeks WEDDINGS!

Last Sunday I had a blast at the 1st Annual Eastern Iowa Bridal Fair! This super fun event was coordinated by Event Planner, Alison Dix, of Devotion to Detail and hosted by The Brick Arch Winery!

Located in West Branch, IA....The Brick Arch Winery offers an amazing location for any of you brides-to-be who are in the planning be sure to check 'em out ;)

I've been booking more and more weddings, so this seemed like a really great opportunity to get out there and let more of the public sample some of my plan was to win their affection with extravagant treats of deliciousness!

 It was also the PERFECT venue to debut my new FAB Cupcake Tower! I had two Cupcake Towers custom built and they are now available for my clients to rent. They would make quite the statement on your dessert buffet lemme tell ya!

After everything was arranged and ready to go, I realized my camera battery was dead....luckily the amazingly talented Kara of KV Photography was also setting up that day....and since I had cupcakes to offer she willingly snapped some shots of our display!

I also just happened to turn 30 last week (insert shocked gasp here!!!) My sister, Kristi told me that she wanted to get me some Sweet Cheeks Aprons, that I could wear to these types of events and when I run deliveries...isn't she sweet? ;) I picked out the fabric and we found a skilled seamstress to make them for us...this was something to leave to the professionals ;)  They turned out so super cute and we had them just in time to wear to the show.

The day was a success...we met lots of fun people and handed out tons of yummy samples! I even recruited a few new members for the Cupcake of the Month Club!

If any of you are planning a wedding or know someone who is...I'm booking into the Fall and would love the opportunity to create something fabulous for your event! Contact me to schedule a consultation ;)

All photos used in this post are courtesy of KV Photography! Kara rocks...if you need a wedding photographer this could be your one-stop shop ;)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Spreadin' some Love!

So...I meant to have pictures from the Eastern Iowa Bridal Fair to share with you all....including pictures of my new, fabulous Cupcake Tower...and our super cute table display...but wouldn't you camera was dead! A rookie mistake I know! Luckily Kara of KV Photography was set-up at the same show and was able to snap some pics, so when I get them you'll be the first to know ;)

I still have something really FUN and exciting to share with you though!

One of my absolute FAVORITE things to do is go on blog-hunts to find fun, new sites and inspiration! I’m still relatively new to the blogosphere but when I first entered the blogging realm last summer I was BEYOND AMAZED at all the talent out there! It was also SO super cool to find a way to connect with people who are into the same things as me. I felt instantly at home and truly cherish all the connections I have made!
To that-end….the super cute and cool Kirsten from Mushki Loves informed me that she was awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award! So fun! It’s a really great way to spread the love and introduce your readers to other bloggers that you’re into stalking….errrr….reading…whatev!
Here's my Award ;)

Be sure to visit Kirsten's blog...she has TONS of fun ideas and yummy-looking recipes...
you'll LOVE her site!
Mushki Loves
Here's how it works:
  •  Thank the person who gave you this award by linking back to their site in your original post.
  •  Tell us seven things about yourself
  •  Pass along this award to six newly discovered bloggers
  •  Contact these bloggers and let them know they got this award!
So here are 7 totally random, hopefully interesting things about a picture since I don't think there's a single one of ME on my own blog (shocking I know!):
Photo of me with my Little Sweet Roll by KV Photography

1. I’m super sarcastic by nature. I wish there was a sarcasm font so people could really get the gist of what I’m typing. I love that my nearly 3 year-old son already gets sarcasm. I think his sassy-self is going to give me a run-for-my-money….like in another year or so ;)
2.  I’m a compulsive list-maker. To-do Lists, To-Make Lists, To-Bake Lists, Party Ideas, Shopping Lists, Random Inspiration Lists….post-it notes are literally scattered everywhere! I also regularly misplace or leave-behind my lists…which leads to duplicate lists….it’s never-ending!
One glimmer of hope: Pinterest! LOVE-it! It has helped me SO much with my online listing and finding my way back to sites/items I wanted to remember ;)
3. I have serious O.C.D. tendencies when it comes to planning parties or special events! I get totally and completely consumed by all the details during the planning process. I’ve learned by now that I have to just go with it or else I won’t stop thinking (and thinking…and thinking….like around 2am, 4am, etc) about all the ideas I have.
4. I LOVE watching the show Hoarders because it makes me feel better about all the stuff I have piled up in my basement….but… it also makes me feel like I’m one tragic life event away from starting to collect garbage. It’s a fine line people…I know!
5. I have a bit of a potty-mouth. Depending on the audience, I like to sprinkle choice curse-words around my conversation like confetti. I’m nipping this one in the bud though because it’s definitely not cute to hear your children repeat these naughty words….especially in public….like at the grocery store or something (not that…ahem….this has actually happened or anything…)
6. I LOVE (love-love!) baking and making special treats….but I love packaging them and presenting them just as much! It really is all about the presentation…well, taste is important too I guess-LOL! Sidenote about the whole loving baking thing: I HATE doing dishes… so I’m constantly trying to coerce someone else (i.e. my hubby) into cleaning up the kitchen. You think he would be honored to be my kitchen assistant….apparently not.
7. This one is going to be a confession of sorts: I am currently addicted to watching the movie Tangled! I just cannot get over the cuteness! We seriously have it playing almost every day…. and if I haven’t watched it I think to myself, “Oh NO! I haven’t watched Tangled today!” Luckily my son’s movie selection can be easily swayed ;)
I’m bestowing the Versatile Blogger Award to the following SUPER-FAB bloggers….I know you’ll LOVE them too!
1.       Simply Iowa
2.       Home Made Parties   
3.       Musings by Kim K           
5.       Maybe Matilda

And of course a BIG THANKS to all of you for following ME!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Harper's Vintage Schoolhouse 1st Birthday Party!

I’m SO super excited to finally share images and details from my daughter Harper’s 1st Birthday Party! It's still a shock to me that our Little Girlie is already 1! 

For those of you who are new to my blog, or haven't experienced me in "party-planning-mode", be WARNED...there are a lot of details and pictures...but I always like to give more information than is really necessary ;) Enjoy! 


When planning parties I almost always start with an inspiration piece and the rest of the theme seems to flow from there. The inspiration for Harper's party came from some items that had been in the attic at my parent's house for years and years.

About 15 years ago, my mother purchased a box full of classroom materials from her elementary school teacher’s garage sale. The box included some original Dick and Jane paper dolls that I’ve always loved...that's where it started. I tracked down the box and it was all downhill from there!

The same day that I decided on the theme, I found a vintage chalkboard at my friend Barb’s shop, Cross Creek Antiques, and that sealed the deal! I started accumulating fun, vintage school items to incorporate into the party. I found things everywhere…local thrift and antique shops, online through ETSY and eBay. I was on a mission!

I collected so many fun, vintage items that really brought this party together. Some of my favorite finds were the vintage vocabulary cards I used throughout the party, vintage lunch trays, alphabet blocks, a super cute abacus and of course the teacher’s bell.

Printables and Decorations

Once I had the theme and color scheme nailed down, I contacted the fabulous Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff, of Anders Ruff Custom Designs. I told them my plans for Harper’s party and sent them an inspiration board I had put together to give them the color scheme and other fun details. They designed the BEYOND adorable invitations, bookplates, thank-you tags, tent cards and party logos. This process was so fun for me and I am in-love with what they created!

UPDATE: The SUPER cute line of printables designed for Harper's Party are now available for purchase through Anders Ruff Custom!

I also found some adorable vintage-inspired pennant straw toppers and paper straws from Fort and Field. I contacted Jessica to request the sayings on the tags be personalized to go with the party. They turned out SO super cute! I used them on the straws and to decorate the Apple Pencil Cake Pops.


The vintage-style Alphabet garland and the pennants used to decorate the highchair came from Pretty Little Studio. They fit in perfectly with the vintage-feel of the party and I love that I can use them as decorations now that the party is over too!

The backdrop we used for the dessert/cake table is a large piece of particle board that was sprayed with chalkboard paint. I decorated using fun Tissue Poms I bought locally from Kate Ford.

I also made the fabric bunting/garland that is hanging on the backdrop. I found a group of vintage quilt blocks made out of old feed sack material and cut into them with pinkers. Disclaimer: I don’t sew. This bunting isn’t going to win any awards for technical skill…but in the end I think it turned out cute and got the job done ;)

Party Fun!

We made a chalkboard table for the kiddos to play with and it was a HUGE hit! It kept them entertained for the entire party…seriously…the entire party! To make the table my husband chopped the legs off of an old kitchen table we had that was already painted black, and added two coats of chalkboard paint to the tabletop…voila…pure genius…sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best!

I had collected (i.e. obsessively hunted down and acquired) vintage school chairs, desks and student chalkboards for the party. These were all out for the kids to enjoy too ;)

The Favor bags for the kids included flashcards, a small board book, candy (so they could continue the sugar high at home) and super cool, customized Alphabet Crayons made by Touch of Pink! I requested 10 sets of the letters ABC and told her the colors I would like. For a minimal charge, she even individually bagged them for me, so super cute….plus I didn’t have to attempt to make them myself!


The dessert table treats were all made by yours truly! I had SO MUCH fun coming up with treats for the party, and trying new recipes and techniques that have been on my to-make list for awhile now.

I created a tutorial on my site so you can make your own Apple Pencil Cake Pops. They were a BIG hit and looked so super cute…they would make perfect Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

The homemade marshmallows were delish, it was my first time making them and they’re definitely going into heavy rotation! I also made ABC Squares using Alphabits cereal that the kiddos really enjoyed.

I baked and decorated both of the cakes for the party. Let me just say here, normally I work on a much smaller scale (think cupcakes)….but  I saw a tutorial for a breathtakingly beautiful Rose Cake by Amanda of i am baker and was dying to try it out! I wanted to make a multi-tiered cake, even though the most I’ve stacked in the past was two tiers.

I figured I had a special reason to go all-out and try it. The end result was pretty, a little sloppy, had a lean in the back (I turned it so no one could see)…but it was made with love for my Little Sweet Roll and that’s what counts!

At the Drink Station we served Strawberry and Skim Milk Cartons purchased from a local Elementary School. The hobnail milkglass pitcher and glasses were all purchased at local thriftshops.

The Birthday Girl

I spent more time than I’m willing to admit searching for Harper’s Birthday outfit. I ended up with a few options…you know…in case she needed a mid-party wardrobe change. When I found THE dress listed by Luxe Starling on Etsy I knew that it was perfect! It is a vintage party dress that is so simple and sweet, it was perfect for a little girl who spends most days in grubbies chasing around after her big brother ;)

Finding a headband that went with the vintage dress took some work, but it was another Etsy Shop to the rescue! Bellasma has an amazing line of headbands that are so reasonably priced you'll want an armful!

This party was truly a labor of love. I poured so much time and energy into all of the details because I wanted to create something special for my little girlie. During the planning process, I know (I KNOW) I can get a little (okay a LOT) obsessed…but I LOVE to do this! It is so rewarding to create these kind of memories and even though Harper is only 1….and as people kept reminding me “She won’t even remember it”….I will, and that’s enough ;)


All of the party pictures were taken by the uber-talented and super amazing Kara Hinzie of KV Photography. Kara’s work is truly inspiring! I feel SO lucky to have found a photographer that I adore…and one who can deal with the “crazy” that is my family ;) She has captured so many amazing moments in priceless images that our family will cherish forever!

Thanks SO much to all of our friends and family. YOU all helped make Harper's Party extra special! Now I have to get crackin' on Dane's 3rd Birthday's just around the corner ;)


Party Sources
KV Photography all party photos
Anders Ruff Custom Designs Invitations and coordinating party printables
Fort and Field Customized School house pennants, paper straws
Pretty Little Studio vintage style flashcards used for garland
Cross Creek Antiques large vintage chalkboard, serving pieces
Touch of Pink Customized Alphabet Crayons
Luxe Starling Vintage Party Dress
Bellasma Headband

Harper's Party has been featured on the following sites!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Sweet Cheeks Spring Specials!

My Spring Specials have been posted!

This is a perfect one-stop-shop for those of you needing to fill Easter Baskets ;)

Details are listed on my newly created SPECIALS page!