about me

I've loved to bake and make goodies ever since I was a young girl practicing in the kitchen with my Grandma Deanna. Creating something truly special has always given me immense joy; which is probably why I'm always trying new things in my kitchen!

Photo by KV Photography

After years of encouragement from friends and family, I started taking orders for my homemade treats in June of 2010. I have a licensed home kitchen, located in Fairfax, Iowa.

For me, the best part of creating something special has always been seeing the excitement and pleasure it brings to someone else. I draw so much inspiration from the creation of others, I can only hope to be that source for someone else!

Please contact me for additional information at sweetcheeks@southslope.net

You can also find me on Facebook where I post special offers, giveaways and LOTS more FUN stuff ;)
Happy Baking!