Sunday, May 27, 2012

GOONIES PARTY: Sloth Cake Pops!

HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

Today is my son's 4th birthday...seriously...I don't even KNOW where the time went!

To celebrate we're having a GOONIES PARTY tomorrow! FUN right? It was his request, and after about 2 weeks of me suggesting alternative (i.e. easier to plan) party themes, I decided I better just embrace it and get crackin'! We LOVE the GOONIES around here...I'll be sharing more later (LOTS MORE)...but for's a little SNEAK PEEK...

Meet CAKE POP SLOTH! Just one of many YUMMY treats that will be making an appearance :)

Sometimes, Cake Pops leak oil...mine do rarely...and when they do I remove the oil and patch the hole...but NOT on this guy! LOL! It was too a sad little "Sloth LOVE Chunk!" teardrop :)
The tags are PERFECT and are the work of Squared Party Printables. She created a whole PARTY PACKAGE using the GOONIES theme!

I LOVE using paper straws as the "sticks" for a lot of my specialty Cake Pops! These FUN black & white paper straws are from Green Party Goods...Planet Friendly Products for any Celebration! Check out their shop...TONS of great party supplies :)

That's all for now...LOTS to do here!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

CRUNCH Coat Cupcakes

One of my absolute FAVORITE things about summer is...wait for it....ICE CREAM! Duh...right? We make weekly trips to our local Dairy Queen...and it was during one of those recent visits that I had the MOST AMAZING brain wave ;)

I love, as-in {LOVE} Crunch Cones from the DQ. I hope you know what I'm talking about, but sadly...I've come to learn that Crunch Coat topping is not a staple topping item at ALL DQs...this is a TRAVESTY! No..JOKE! If you are lucky enough to have experienced Crunch Coat firsthand...then you KNOW what the big deal is.

I've loved Crunch Coat since I was a little's a delicious peanut-brittle-like, sprinkle can add it to sundaes, blizzards, on top of cones...or one of my personal faves...use it as a dip for your Dilly Bars (Cherry is BEST)...really...I think it would be good on just about anything...and YES...I do mean ANYTHING!

Naturally...since I often think in terms of CUPCAKES....I thought, what could be better than topping some yummy, simple VANILLA CUPCAKES with a heaping coat of CRUNCH topping??? The end result was FRICKIN' FANTASTIC! I'm not trying to toot my own horn here...but you know when they say that simple ideas are the BEST ideas? Well this would be a PERFECT example of that....SWEET, SIMPLE, DELICIOUSNESS!

So...let me introduce you to my VANILLA CRUNCH COAT CUPCAKES....drool away!

Peace OUT!