Sunday, October 30, 2011

2011 Merry NOT Scary Costume Party

How perfect is this! We got the pictures back from our 2011 Merry NOT Scary Costume Party JUST in time for me to post them for HALLOWEEN!

All party photos by KV Photography!

This was the second year in what will now be an ANNUAL long as the kids are interested in partying anyways ;) You can see pictures from the 2010 party HERE! I had TONS of fun planning, as always. It was even MORE exciting this year because my son, who is now 3 and a half, had opinions on what we should do and he was SO pumped for the party! His most consistent request was to have a MONSTER that was what we set out to accomplish ;)

The planning started with some ADORABLY SPOOKY invitations I found from Kreations by Kristie. I fell IN-LOVE with the monster characters and immediately saw them as Cake Pops ;) I posted a sneak peek of the MONSTER POPS that were inspired by the invitations HERE!

We had the invitation customized for our event.
You can view the original version in Kreations by Kristie's Etsy shop HERE!

Frankie, Dracula and Mummy are Marshmallow Pops. Wolfie is a Cake Pop ;)

I also requested some coordinating party printables, including cupcake & cake pop toppers, labels, large signs, a pennant banner and some FUN games! She was SO great to work with and I LOVE how everything turned out. I printed the smaller items on cardstock and had the larger signs & games printed on vinyl.

I had more IDEAS than TIME for the treats on the dessert table this year ;) The Monster Cake and Marshmallow Pops were a BIG HIT and I was SO SUPER happy with how they turned out.

The EYEBALL Cake Ball Topiary definitely made a SPOOKY statement! I took a large piece of cone-shaped styrofoam, hot-glued it into an urn and covered it with Cake Balls I had hand painted and decorated to look like eyeballs...about 80 total (and that only covered the front of the piece)! I used toothpicks to dip the Cake Balls, and to hold them in-place on the topiary. I plan on posting a full tutorial for this process next month!

I also made two new variations of FINGER FOODS, using my basic OGRE TOE tutorial ;) This year I made some that were dipped in green, with white "toenails" and called them "FRANKIE FINGERS" and some that were dipped all in white, with white "toenails" and called that version "MUMMY KNUCKLES!" It's fun to find new ways to present some of our favorite keeps it FUN!
Either way...they were all GOBBLED UP! LOL!

Other Dessert Table goodies included some yummy Black Magic Cupcakes, Popcorn Balls, and Pumpkin Spice Cake Pops.

Hayrack rides have become a staple activity at the last few parties we've had ;) My son LOVES his Great-Grandpa Mickey's tractors and it's ALWAYS one of the HIGHLIGHTS of the day for him. Luckily we didn't have any rain this year so everyone that wanted a ride was able to go on one!

We also did a PUMPKIN PATCH HUNT again this year. After the kiddos collected all the little pumpkins they emptied the contents into their Trick-or-Treat bags or buckets, and I rounded-up the empties to use again...NEXT YEAR! I had a bucket of extra treats and prizes and let each guest pick three things out of the bucket after they turned their empties back in....that way everybody was sure to get something!
One example of why my husband says I'm destined to be on Hoarders someday....these are the "extra" buckets I had stashed away, just in-case a hunter forgot their Trick-or-Treat bag ;)

If we were giving costume awards this ADORABLE little Goldfish would have had my vote!
The scales are made out of CUPCAKE WRAPPERS!!! Too stinkin' cute!

Even Scoobs made an appearance ;)

One of my FAVORITE printables from Kreations by Kristie was this PIN THE BOLT ON FRANKENSTEIN game! I had it printed on 2x3 ft vinyl, so it would be weatherproof and so we could use it OVER-AND-OVER! We printed the bolt graphics onto cardstock, cut them all out (actually this was my sister's job - LOL!) and then put a glue dot on the back of each one...SUPER EASY and SUPER FUN!

Kristie also created the Mummy Wrap Race game sign...unfortunately that was one activity that we had to cancel :( It was just TOO blustery and chilly to keep the kids outside. My plan was to have 3-5 Dads volunteer to be Mummies. Each "Mummy" would have 4-5 kids armed with white crepe paper, when the race started the kids were going to wrap the Mummies and then they had to race down and back. Honestly...I think the Dad "volunteers" weren't too upset that they escaped this one - LOL! But there's ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!

My SUPER talented friend, Kara, of KV Photography was along for the ride again this year! She did costume shots of  the kiddos in their costumes and captured the rest of the party details. I LOVE that I can actually ENJOY the party and not have to worry about trying to get pictures of everything. Kara does an AMAZING job!

My BIG BAD Wolf!
His Sister, Little Red Riding Hood ;)
Isn't this the CUTEST Little Piggy you've EVER seen!?!?

The kids had a GREAT time and we sent them all home on a SWEET sugar high - LOL - we couldn't have asked for anything more!

Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!


Dessert Table Treats & Styling: Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats!
Printables: Kreations by Kristie
Photography: KV Photography
Spooky Paper Lantern Tutorial: from A Bit of Sunshine via Eighteen 25


  1. oh my gosh, love the eyeballs! looks like such a super fun party!

  2. can't wait for the eyeball topiary tutorial!!

  3. gorgeous party!! soooo creative!! great work, Audrey!!

  4. Great party! And, yes, Hay Bale rides are awesome for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they get the kids away and entertained while we transition a party.

    And, everyone called my Harvest/Halloween party a blast! I actually did spooky finger foods and bar-b-qued bat wings (chicken drummies and wingets). My kids are older though so I have to totally entertain them. We did minute to win it games, the annual flashlight scavenger hunt on the farm and spooky hay bale rides (to keep the other scavengers from cheating while one or two teams searched).

    A pumpkin hunt is a GREAT IDEA to add to next year's party! And, I keep all extras too. Especially, prizes that can be a big bucket of 'to pick forms' for the games and such. ;-)

    Love your blog! Found you by googling tractor cake pops for the kids to enter for 4-H this year! ;-)