Thursday, December 13, 2012

{Shenanigans} Elf on the Shelf: Part 2

Is it just me or are ELVES taking over the WORLD this Christmas!?!? Personally, I'm loving seeing all the shenanigans these little cuties are getting into! Plus...I feel like I have a built-in support group every time I get's nice to know that I'm not alone in my ELF OBSESSION.

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That's it...feel free to stalk them...what goes around comes around right!??!?
Now, here is a glimpse of the lives OUR Elves are leading :)

Mack & Miss Bliss sledding on an elf-sized Radio Flyer....and yes...they have matching scarves :)

Mack is in trouble! Looks like this posse of Trolls wants to reclaim their "Creepiest Doll Around" title.
Mack and Trixie made a surprise visit this summer! They took a little vacay from the North Pole to go camping in our backyard...with Santa's permission of course!

Mack & Trixie chillin' by the pool with elf-sized popsicles.
Our Elves always arrive just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. This year the kids helped make an elf-sized Thanksgiving was the perfect way to welcome them home for the holidays!

Close-up of the elf-sized turkey dinner :)

This year we adopted a new vintage GIRL Elf to add to our family!
After a little makeover we introduced Miss Bliss to Mack. It was LOVE at first sight!

Things got personal...real quick...but who doesn't like snuggling in a Christmas tree?

Now here's some REAL Elf morning we came out to find these three little cuties had arrived!  My 4 year old said, "Look Mom! Mack & Miss Bliss DID fall in love...they had babies!" LOL!
Just hangin out...with the kids :)
The Mr. & Mrs. sharing a cupcake!

I’ve had several inquiries already, so thought I’d share a little bit more about our Elf Family and how they came to us. These little Christmas Elves have been around for decades, a lot of you may have even had some decorating your house when you were younger. The original vintage Elves were made mostly in Japan starting in the 50s.  My Grandma had some of the vintage Elves that we’ve used for years and years. We also have one Elf on the Shelf. This year, I added SEVERAL more vintage Elves to our family, through online “adoptions” (i.e. auctions). So...we have a LOT of elves around here. We have our faves...the "main" ones who make the mischief and report to Santa.

Those of you who would like to add another Elf (or several) Elves to your family, 
here are some good places to look:
EBay and Etsy: search for “Knee Hugger Elf or Elves”
Hobby Lobby: I found all of the Elves that were in our adoption center at Hobby Lobby 
(before Halloween mind-you) in the Christmas decoration aisle. 
We added scarves to some, and bows to give them a little extra personality.

 Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I love your elves and the adorable pictures you take.

  2. Very cute. We use an elf I had as child. He is so cute. I love that you found a vintage elf!