Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Name That Cupcake FINALISTS!!!

Let me tell was SO hard to choose the Finalists! There were so many YUMMY Cupcake flavor suggestions, I was drooling every time I logged in!

So here's a little surprise...there are 6 Finalists! I just couldn't get it down to 5...but I didn't think you all would mind ;)

I definitely got TONS of great ideas for future flavors to try out....if you would like to join the Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats Cupcake of the Month Club there is still time! Contact me and I'll get you set-up with your Cupcake Connection!

Here are the Name That CUPCAKE FINALISTS! Be sure to pop on over to my Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats Facebook page to vote for your favorite flavor! Photo tags and comments count as votes....please only vote once to make it fair!
Good luck! Can't wait to see what I'll be baking!!!!

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