Thursday, February 2, 2012

Virtual Valentines Party!

I was invited to participate in a Virtual Valentines Party, hosted by Lindsay Ann, the owner and founder of Dollhouse Bake Shoppe!

If you are one of the MILLIONS of people addicted to watching Cupcake Wars on Food will probably remember Lindsay as the WINNER of the series premiere. I LOVE watching the show and find SO much inspiration from the bakers...BUT I seriously break out into hives from sympathy-stress for the contestants ;)

I'm bringing my LOVE POTION FLOATS and ROSE CAKE POPS to the party....DRINKS & DESSERTS....that's what it's all about right?!?!?

Love Potion Float Tutorial: HERE!

Rose Cake Pop Tutorial: HERE!
Both of these treats are sure to bring some SWEET festivity to your Valentine's Day table this year ;) If any of you have tried either of these, or are planning to...I'd LOVE to hear from you!

I hope you'll ALL pop on over to the Virtual Valentines Party THIS Sunday to check out the FUN ideas and tutorials! I know I'll need something to do while the rest of my house is glued to Superbowl-vision :)


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  1. Those rose cake pops look amazing! Would be lovely in pastel colors, too, for a springtime bridal shower!