Thursday, February 16, 2012

Popcorn Cupcakes!

Well....sort of...these are actually Vanilla Cupcakes topped with MILLIONS (not quite) of tiny MARSHMALLOWS, cut and then hand-painted with food coloring to LOOK like they're covered in POPCORN!


I made these for a Carnival-themed Birthday Party and was really pleased with how they turned out! I found INSPIRATION at Under the Table & Dreaming by Stephanie Lynn. She gives a step-by-step tutorial if you want to try your hand at these! They are time consuming, but really easy and the effect is SO super cute! I found I didn't even need to cut the marshmallows all the way in half, and some I snipped in fours for a varied around with it...that's the FUN part!

Of course...I HAD to make some coordinating Cake Pops...nothing too fancy...but sometimes SIMPLE & SWEET make a BIG statement too :) I LOVE using paper straws as sticks for the gives them some added WOW factor...don't ya think?

That's all for now folks!
Peace out ;)


  1. I made those popcorn cupcakes for movie night once. They are super easy and quite tasty :) Your cake pops are pretty.

  2. So cute...I Love this! We just posted our 2nd Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday Link Party today and would love for you to share this!

  3. such fun ideas!!

    Thanks for linking up! I featured your post in my wrap up

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  4. Gorgeous! The paper straws really do add a special touch to cake pops...whoever started that is genius!

  5. Just featured this on our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party... Feel free to stop by and grab our Featured Button! You make the cutest stuff!

  6. LOVE LOVE Your site! I just found you and so many great posts to look through of yummy goodness! Do you share the icing recipe that you used on the cupcakes in this post? I've been searching everywhere for one and can't come up with one. xo Sari

  7. How long in advance before the event can you make the marshmallow popcorn and the cake pops?