Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How do you make Cupcakes EVEN cuter?

Let me introduce those of you not yet familiar with the concept of CUPCAKE SHOOTERS to these little cuties!

Super Mario Cupcake Shooters!

Ingenious RIGHT?!?!


I first saw the idea for Cupcake Shooters back in March at Love from the Oven. She made the most adorable little Peeps Cupcake Shooters and I was instantly smitten. So...naturally I bought a bulk box of 100 of the little containers...and then sat on them for the next 2 months - LOL!

I finally got around to trying them for Dane's Birthday Party and they were SO stinkin' cute! Seriously. These things are just TOO perfect for parties because they're smaller servings for the kiddos...and they're in a convenient To-Go container so you're not stuck with leftovers!!! Not that I'm saying leftover cupcakes would necessarily be a bad thing...but it's always nice to send some goodies out the door ;)

Because these things are so DARNED CUTE...and because I know how you all LOVE CUTE....I've OFFICIALLY added CUPCAKE SHOOTERS to the Sweet Cheeks Menu! Wahoo! Let the fun begin!

Each Cupcake Shooter consists of two mini cupcakes, frosted, sprinkled and lovingly arranged in Push-pop containers! Just think of all the different ways you could personalize these!!! Trust me...my mind is spinning!


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  1. They really are adorable and I want some! I just wish they would ship well...you're pretty far away from me! :(