Sunday, March 4, 2012

Harper's 2nd Birthday! Featuring ELMO

I know I say this EVERY time one of the kids' birthdays rolls around....but seriously....WHERE does the time go? I cannot BELIEVE that our little girlie turned 2 this weekend!!! The past year has been full of BIG changes for our family, not the least of which has involved watching our BABY turn into a BIG girl ;)

I usually try to come up with a fun and unique party theme...but this girl LOVES her some ELMO...I just knew that HAD to be our theme, no gettin' around it! I found the CUTEST party printables at Pink Pickle Studios in the exact color scheme I was working with...SCORE! I wanted a pink, orange and red color scheme, first because I have a slight obsession with that color palette...and second, because I plan on re-decorating Harper's room in said-colors so the party "extras" are going to be room decor!

I kept the dessert table SUPER simple this year...cake & Cake Pops, that was it...but I really LOVED the end result.

 I made all of the Cake Pops (duh-right!?!?) I used some hot-pink paper straws for the sticks on the Elmo Cake Pops, and juicy-orange sticks for the others. Using the paper straws is FUN way to make the pops THAT much cuter ;)

The UBER-ADORABLE Elmo Cake is the creation of Cakes by Kimberly! I told her what I had in mind, sent her a few inspiration photos...and then she created something that was BEYOND my expectations! Harper LOVED it!!! Now when people ask me if I do cakes (which...I don't...the stress...can't handle it)... I'll have a GREAT, LOCAL baker to send them to ;)

The favor-bags included Elmo baskets (bought on clearance after Halloween) and Elmo library bags (from the $1 section at Target) filled with Elmo books and a few treats. They were arranged on a FUN shelf that I rescued from Goodwill! A few coats of PINK & WHITE paint and it looked BRAND NEW (it was originally a scuffed-up, brick-red color)'ll be perfect in Harper's room post-party!

I also rounded-up ALL of her Elmo paraphernalia before the party...books, stuffed animals, name it, we have it...and added it to the shelf  for the party guests to play with! I have to admit, it was a little SHOCKING to see how much ELMO we have in our home...Harper might need an intervention ;)

The tissue monogram is another item that will be decorating her room! The original inspiration for this project came from a SUPER easy tutorial posted by Prudent Baby (HERE!) The only thing I did differently...I glued the tissue flowers to a chipboard letter and attached it to the canvas.

An AMAZING local seamstress, Cynthia of Puddin' Pies, took-on an extra special project for me...making a custom Elmo Snuggle Blankie for Harper! I collected an assortment of fabrics and had a general idea of what I wanted...but left the real details to the PRO! Harper is seriously OBSESSED with this blanket...I had to literally wrestle it away from her to get a few pictures. It's SO soft and snuggly...and BEYOND adorable....also going in her room...well...when she's not attached to it anyways ;)

The party was great and Miss Harper was a HAPPY-HAPPY girl!

I want to thank ALL the AMAZING creators that made this party such a success...items that are lovingly created really have their own special VIBE don't they???
Now...let's see how long I can get away with leaving the party lanterns up...LOL ;)


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  1. I love everything about the party. The snacks are so cute. I love the birthday girl's headband too. I'm hosting a link party on Wednesday and I'd love it if you linked this up I'm following GFC.

  2. This is adorable and looks like a great time! Such pretty decorations!

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    1. Thanks Nancy!!! I just linked up...looks like a lot of fun ideas have been posted already...great inspiration ;)

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    1. Thanks Michelle!!! I can't find the feature? Can you send me a link...I'd love to share it on my FB page too!

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    Featuring your Elmoliscious party this Thursday at Bacon Time. :)

    1. Thanks for the feature Mindie!!! My kids are OBSESSED with I'm Elmo and I know it - LOL! We watch it DAILY and they have a kiddie mosh-pit ;)

  8. Adorable party! Love your choice of pink and orange!

    Maysem @

  9. Paper straws are strong enough to hold cake pops? That's exciting!