Friday, April 22, 2011

Mother's Day Specials!

I know, I're probably thinking..."What!?! Mother's Day?!? We haven't even celebrated Easter yet!"

Well, Mother's Day is literally right around the corner...and since I personally like to get my shopping done early I thought that some of you might too ;)

Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats
Mother’s Day SPECIALS!
My Mother’s Day Specials are simple…but SO super sweet!
If you ARE a Mother and are hoping to receive some
Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats
for YOUR Special Day pass this along to your children…
helpful hints are always appreciated!
Mother’s Day Orders will be accepted NOW through April 30th.
Orders are PICK-UP ONLY and will be available on May 6th.
As always, my baking roster fills-up fast…
get your order in TODAY to reserve your fair share of yummy treats!

Standard Cake Ball Sampler
-an assortment of 1 dz yummy Cake Balls
Super Cake Ball Sampler
-an assortment of 2 dz yummy Cake Balls
Cupcake of the Month Club Membership
Here’s the BIG one…
Sign your Mom up for the Cupcake of the Month Club
NOW through Saturday May 7th
to receive $5 OFF the normal membership price!
Enrollment is ending soon so this is the perfect chance to get in-on the coolest club in town ;)
Click HERE for full details on the CCMC!
Contact Audrey at
Feel free SHARE this along to anyone you know who may be interested!
I appreciate your support SO much!


  1. Audrey reading your page is such a treat (lol)
    I'm pretty sure I love everything you make,but I think CHOCOLATE things are the best. The idea of CCMC is fantastic. I'm thinking it over for our Betty group.There are 6 of us and we meet once a month what a great idea for a treat.
    Thanks for the smile Ginger