Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ogre Eyes!

I haven't had nearly as much time as I'd like to experiment with new Halloween treat ideas. I have been trying to fit in some "just-for-the-fun-of-it" treat making when I can.

I've been on a bit of a green-monster/ogre kick lately. If you haven't seen my post on how to make super fun & freaky Ogre Toes out of Circus Peanuts be sure to check it out! I've also made a couple different Frankenstein inspired treats....check out my Frankenmallow Pops and my Frankenface Grahams!

Okay, so enough with the older stuff and here's what's new: Ogre Eyes!

These are standard cake balls decorated to look like "Ogre" Eyes!

The other project keeping me busy in the kitchen this weekend was baking for the Cupcake of the Month Club. This month's cupcake flavor is Black Magic Cupcakes! This is the flavor of the cupcakes I made for the Pizzazzerie Cupcake Skewer Contest and I'm so excited to share it with my CCMC members!

So I guess that's about it for now! Oh and...if you haven't visited my new shop on Etsy please do...! I need more people to "heart" me and add me to their favorites so I feel more legit! Now that I've figured out how to post an item for sale I just need someone to make a purchase!


  1. I'm loving all your Halloween treats!! Keep them coming!

  2. You are so creative-awesome! I made some of your ogre toes this weekend and my boys just loved them! Thank for sharing your talents!

  3. these are too cute! great for a halloween bash!

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